Palmyra Township, Paupack Township & Hawley Borough

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Shepstone Management Company, together with the Wayne County Planning Department is now in the process of updating, on a regional basis, the Lake Region Comprehensive Plan, which update will be on behalf of Palmyra Township, Paupack Township and Hawley Borough.

Draft planning and other project documents may be reviewed at this website.  Most material will be published in the PDF format for ease of access.

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Draft Documents

Background Studies

Goals and Objectives

Committee Minutes

March 8, 2017

April 5, 2017

May 3, 2017

Existing Lake Region Comprehensive Plan

Regional Planning Program - 2007

Lake Region Comprehensive Plan - 2007


Existing Land Use Regulations

Hawley Borough Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance

Hawley Borough Zoning Ordinance

Palmyra Township Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance

Palmyra Township Zoning Ordinance

Paupack Township Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance

Paupack Township Zoning Ordinance