Meat Processing Facility Feasibility Studies

Shepstone Management Company has conducted several feasibility studies and developed cash flow projections, pro formas and business plans for both existing and prospective meat processing facilities. These included, for example,  the Southern Maryland Livestock Producers group.“ Analysis indicated a  fixed-plant facility to do slaughter or any extensive meat fabrication was probably beyond the capacity of the organization at the time. A mobile facility combined with aging and storage capacity was identified as a much more realistic next objective after a marketing program was established. A Southern Maryland Meats brand grew out of this recommendation together with the purchase of mobile slaughter equipment.

Shepstone Management Company also did similar studies of the feasibility of fixed-plant meat processing facilities for a group of Hudson Valley livestock producers, the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and some Franklin County, Vermont dairy industry representatives. The firm, too, conducted a feasibility study and developed a successful business plan for a Hudson Valley foie gras producers to package and market a corollary line of duck meat products to complement the producers’ foie gras product.